About usN Horizon

Compnay History

Network Horizon Company was established in 2012 in the field of telecommunications, network solutions, fiber optic solutions, and other technological fields. The company started its operations in the field of telecommunications and networks, supporting the internet project and developing this sector by importing the latest devices from the finest international sources. We strive to keep up with the latest technological advancements. When introducing the fiber optic service in the field of internet and many other applications, we imported the cable from well-known international sources, along with all the related components, to strengthen the infrastructure and provide faster service to citizens.

Our Message

We always look towards development and expansion by keeping up with modern technologies and advanced devices in the field of alternative energy and communications. We promote the concept of quality in the field of communication technologies to create genuine competition among all companies and institutions providing communication services, whether large or emerging. This is the message we adopt in order to provide the best services at the most appropriate prices.

Information about management and employees

Network Horizon Company has a professional team capable of completing assigned tasks with utmost precision. The team consists of engineers, programmers, technicians, and administrators, all of whom possess high qualifications and are fully prepared to contract with both the government and private sectors to provide all services, including technical and executive services, in addition to consultancy, within the following guidelines



Completion of the work in
the agreed period for the
completion of the project


Completion of work with
the highest levels of
quality and e􀐎ciency


A real and safe guarantee
for all the devices equipped
with a guarantee of perfecting
the work done


Post-equipment or installation
services for the

Our Mission

We always aim to provide all services to our valued customers with high quality by assisting them in understanding the advantages and benefits of the devices and how to use them optimally
We provide after-sales services to monitor customer satisfaction and meet their needs
We offer engineering and technical consultations to assist customers in choosing the best products that suit their needs